You've got a great idea for content that you want to share on Instagram, but you've got two methods of execution: Instagram Grids + Instagram Stories.  How do you decide which method to choose?

For most content, either method could work, but the most effective strategy is to be mindful of what type of content is being executed for each, creating continuity and drawing a connection between the two, while still having a very specific purpose that is somewhat differentiated between grids + stories.

What to Post: Instagram Grid

  • Content that you want to live indefinitely and remain accessible to followers
  • Professionally photographed and edited images that utilize consistent editing 
  • Images that align to your brand colors (or the specific color palette that you have chosen for your Instagram feed.)
  • Thoughtful captions that provide value to readers
  • Images and content that attract new followers and tell your brand and personal story

What To Post: Instagram Stories

  • Of-the-moment content + information (what are you currently up to?)
  • Exclusive content, like behind-the-scenes shots
  • Images + videos that take greater liberty with defined brand colors
  • Entertaining content, like the team goofing off,  messes created during the development process, bloopers or office pets.
  • Videos that provide a more personal look at you, your company and your team.  Let viewers feel connect to you.
  • Series Features: Create something exclusive for viewers to look forward to (and ideally seek out each day or week) by using templates that signal the featured series.  Examples include a Weekly Recap, a Roundup Of Favorites, New Items In The Shop, Project of The Week, Customer Photos or #Hashtag Favorites.  Get started with a Studio Bea template.

Creating a Continuity Between Your Grid + Stories

  • Remain true to your brand: weave in the key colors from your grid into your stories on a frequent basis (though you can take more liberties in your stories.)
  • Where it makes sense, use consistent editing for stories as you do for your grid (for any content that is created in advance versus shot real-time.)
  • Provide a behind the scenes look at a product or event in-process, then shoot the final product/event and edit for placement within the grid.
  • Film a photoshoot for an image that is added to your grid and share it in your stories.
  • Hint, hint: Get your audience excited for content or information that is coming (to the grid) soon with a pre-announcement on stories.  This strategy also works well for giveaways + contest by linking to entries via stories and announcing the winner via the grid.

Ready to plan your Instagram stories based on actual strategy?  Check out our Instagram Story Strategy Planner.